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- Freefall from 13,000 feet
- Fly more than 120 MPH
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What Kind Of Parachutes Are Available For AFF Skydives

Most skydiving students are not aware that there are many different brands of skydiving equipment that skydiving centers can use for student equipment. West Point Skydiving Adventures has chosen to use the Sun Path Javelin harness and container, Performance Designs canopies and Airtec Cypres or AAD Vigil computerized automatic activation devices. We use the Sun Path Javelin for the best comfort and safety we can offer our students. Each year we replace at least two containers, in order to continually cycle our gear and ensure that the rigs look new and remain comfortable and in perfect shape. The Sun Path Javelin harness and container is one of the strongest and most comfortable systems available.

We use Performance Designs main canopies, either the Navigator student canopy for the larger sizes or Sabre 2 canopies for the smaller sizes. Unlike most skydiving centers, we use canopies and containers that closely fit each student, rather than the “one size fits all” mentality. It makes no sense to make a 120 pound woman wear the same huge rig and parachute that would be used for a 225 pound student which is almost twice her size. The idea is to size the canopy and container to the student. It makes the freefall and canopy descent easier and safer if everything is sized appropriately.

Each reserve parachute is also an appropriately sized ram air canopy. This makes a reserve as easy to fly as the main canopy and allows for a safer landing.

Each system is equipped with a computerized Automatic Activation Device which activates the reserve parachute automatically if passing through 1,000 feet at more than 78 mph. This is a back up in case a parachute is not manually activated.

Just as with our tandem systems, we spend a great deal of time, money and effort to ensure that we are using the newest and safest skydiving equipment available. Skydivers must rely on their equipment to help the skydive stay as safe as possible, so we make sure your equipment is perfect so you can focus on your own performance without having to worry about the gear.