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- Freefall from 13,000 feet
- Fly more than 120 MPH
- Day you'll never forget!

Making an AFF Skydive Jump - Accelerated Freefall

Imagine jumping from an airplane flying 14,000 feet above the ground and soaring through the air for up to 9,000 Feet at 120 MPH! You will then deploy your parachute at 5,000 feet, and glide to the landing area on a solo parachute descent! Of course, there is some training that takes place to get you ready for this incredible jump! The ground training takes anywhere from four to six hours to complete. During the course you will learn how to exit the airplane, practice correct freefall body position and learn how to fly and land the parachute. Provided the schedule, weather and aircraft are cooperating we get you up for your skydive on the same day as your ground training. There will be two instructors with you in freefall who will assist you from the exit of the airplane until you open the parachute 60 seconds later. Once the parachute is open the instructors continue in freefall a bit lower while you begin flying the parachute towards the landing area. Your canopy flight is backed by radio assistance in the event you need any guidance!

Video is optional for your skydive. We highly recommend you have the video taken of your first skydive for two reasons. You will only have one first jump in your life and it should be caught on film, and it is a fantastic training aid to show you what your freefall position looked like during your jump.

You must be 18 or older to make a skydive, and there is a weight limit of 225 pounds or less. Your height and weight must be proportionate, as well.