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Skydive Richmond, VA

Directions from Richmond, VA to West Point Skydiving Adventures

No matter what part of Richmond you are coming from, it's easy to get to the dropzone! If you can find your way to I-64, it'll be an easy trip. If you are coming from the north side of the city or Hanover, you may find it easiest to take I-295 to I-64. If you are somewhere else in the city you may wan to use I-95, 195, 288, or 895 to get to I-295 or I-64. Once you are on I-64, follow the directions below and you'll be there!

Want to 'Google' it? We did it for you (aren't we nice?). Directions from Richmond, va. These directions are from Broad St. If you aren't coming from there, you may have to "file" them.

Directions from Richmond, VA

  1. Take 64 east to exit 220 (Rt. 33 east).
  2. Go 7 miles to the town of West Point
  3. Once you cross the second bridge the Middle Peninsula Regional Airport is 1.3 miles on the right
  4. Turn right on Airport Rd.
  5. Travel about a mile (past the mulch plant) to the end and look for the hangar on the left!

If you're in Richmond, Indiana. We'd love to have you but it's a very long drive. You may want to check out Skydive Wayne County. If you are in Richmond Virginia, we're about a 45 minutes drive.

Note: Airport Rd. is a residential road. Please observe the 25 MPH speed limit.

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