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What You Need To Know

General Information

Wear comfortable clothes. Sweat pants and sweat shirts work best in winter weather. Shorts and T-shirts are fine for summer. If you prefer wearing flip-flops or other wimpy shoes that's fine with us, just BE SURE you bring a good pair of tennis shoes for the skydiving portion of your visit! Boots are OK also but not really necessary.

We are open almost every week-end and holiday during the year from about 8:00 am until the sun sets, and then we have to pack all those parachutes again! Student jumps are done during daylight hours only. Experienced skydivers jump at night occasionally, night jumps are really fun! You have to be 18 years old at a minimum and there is no real maximum age limit. You should be in relatively good physical condition and weigh less than 225 pounds for AFF and 230 pounds for Tandem. Your height and weight should be proportionate. You don't have to be a marathon runner to make a skydive but you should be in reasonable physical shape if you would like to make a jump.

Hours Of Operation

We are open 8 AM to sunset on most week ends and holidays all year long.


What about the weather?? We hear this question over and over. We have no control over the weather. We cannot predict the weather any better than the TV News or internet weather sites can. As much as we would like to have control over the weather it just isn't going to happen! We beg and plead to Mother Nature for great weather but the simple fact is that she is deaf and blind and could care less about skydiving! So our official statement about the weather is this: The weather at West Point is often very different from the weather at Richmond, VA Beach and Northern VA. If you think the weather may be bad on the day of your skydive you can call us at the airport and we will look up and tell you what we see! Wind is another limiting factor in skydiving. AFF students can jump in winds that are 14 MPH and below. Tandem students can get their jumps done in winds up to about 20 MPH as long as they are steady and not too gusty. But if you don't show up at the airport you will definitely not get to make your jump! Many times the weather changes during the day allowing for those who are there and waiting the chance to make their jumps. So sometimes it is a waiting game that requires PATIENCE!


If you want to stay overnight, there are several options:

  1. Camp at the airport with a tent or camper. We also have limited space to stay in the hangar and a shower is available.
  2. The closest hotel is The Washington Burgess Inn in the town of West Point, about 3 miles from the airport. A basic place to stay, nothing fancy but you get your own room and there is a pool! Their number is 804-843-2100.
  3. A little further down the road is Anderson's Corner Motel, about 20 minutes from the airport. Again, nothing really fancy but it's someplace to put your head down. Located in Toano on Rt. 30 their number is 757-566-0807.
  4. The next closest options are in Williamsburg, about 30 minutes east of West Point. The options get a little broader here.