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- Exit at 4,000 feet
- Fly your parachute
- Day you'll never forget!

Can my family and friends watch my IAD jump?

Yes! There is lots of room for them to hang-out and watch before, during and after your jump. Keep in mind that before your first IAD jump, you'll be in a class for 4-6 hours. Your family and friends may not want to arrive when you do. Once they get to the drop zone there will be plenty for your family to watch. Most of the time there are experienced jumpers preparing for formation skydives called Relative Work. The jumpers will be planning their aerial maneuvers by walking through the moves on the ground. After the jumpers get on the plane and take off, it'll take about twenty minutes before they are jumping out of the plane. Some people can see the skydivers leaving the plane. About a minute later, the parachute deployments will be visible and they can watch all the colorful parachutes land in our huge landing area.

After you are "geared-up" and ready to skydive, there will be a chance to snap some pre-jump pictures. Your instructor will go over your skydive one more time before you get on the plane. You'll board the plane in front of the hanger. Because the IAD jump is made from  4,000 feet, your friends and family will be able to see you as soon as you exit the airplane.

After your parachute descent you will land in the same area as the experienced jumps. Your family and friends should have a good line of sight view to where you'll land. If you are having fun, let them know as you fly overhead. After you are back on the ground, you'll have a chance for a quick picture with the biggest smile on your face!