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- Exit at 4,000 feet
- Fly your parachute
- Day you'll never forget!

Making an IAD Parachute Jump - Instructor Assisted Deployment

Imagine jumping from an airplane flying 4,000 feet above the ground at 80 mph! Your parachute is deployed immediately as soon as you let go of the airplane for a solo parachute descent! Of course, there is some training that takes place to get you ready for this incredible jump! The ground training takes anywhere from four to six hours to complete. During the course you will learn how to exit the airplane, practice correct body position for the exit and learn how to fly and land the parachute. Provided the schedule, weather and aircraft are cooperating we get you up for your skydive on the same day as your ground training. There will be an instructor with you who will assist you with the exit from the airplane and deploy your main parachute as you let go of the airplane. Once the parachute is open a few seconds later, you will guide it to the landing area. Your canopy flight is backed by radio assistance in the event you need any guidance!

IAD students have the option of progressing to the AFF program in two different ways. You can complete three IAD jumps and move to Category C of the AFF program or move into the AFF program on your second jump, in Category B of the AFF program. This provides you with a slightly cheaper introduction to skydiving and your training progression. The initial IAD jump is $199 and the two subsequent IAD jumps are $85 each.