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What Are The Risks Of An IAD Jump?

Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) has been used to train skydiving students for more than 20 years. First developed in Canada, the United States Parachute Association adopted the IAD program in 1996. IAD provides a safe and economical method of learning to skydive.

However, this is skydiving, and there is a risk of injury or death while participating in skydiving. Most people are surprised to hear the actual statistics regarding the risks in skydiving. There were 3 million parachute jumps performed Nationwide in 2007 and there were 18 people killed skydiving in 2007. 16 of those fatalities were licensed jumpers outside the control of a skydiving instructor or school. Many were caused by skydivers attempting things outside of their skill level. In other words they were trying to run before they learned to walk.

At West Point Skydiving Adventures we take every step possible to ensure that you will have a safe and enjoyable experience skydiving with us. We follow all of the rules and guidelines established by the United States Parachute Association, which have proven to keep the risks of skydiving to a minimum. All of our Instructors have been certified through a USPA Certification course to prove they have the necessary skills to work with student skydivers. While we work hard to remove as much risk as possible. That said, we have provided thousands of people with an injury free skydiving experience, and will continue to work hard to see that every single skydive results in nothing less than a great experience.