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When To Make A Skydive

Right Now! Seriously, we jump all year here at West Point. We've even been known to jump with snow on the ground. Each season has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Our busiest months are March through November. The air gets colder as you gain altitude, about 2.5 degrees for every thousand feet. So summer skydiving is nice because it is cooler up high, and winter skydiving is nice because it is not as hot on the airplane while taxiing on the ground. 

Weather is always changing and always unpredictable. The temperatures can change greatly from one week to the next. The changes in air temps also cause clouds and storms. Dense clouds, storms and gusty or high winds can cause us to shut down for safety reasons. If you have any questions about the weather on the day of your jump, give us a call. We can't predict the weather but we can tell you if we are jumping at that time.

In reality, schedule your jump when you are ready. Trying to find the best time of year and weather can be a frustrating exercise. If the weather shuts down operations on the day of your skydive, we'll be happy to reschedule the jump for another day. This doesn't happen often but it's part of the life of skydiver.

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