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Why Make A Skydive?

This is a question that has been asked by many people. The simple answer is that it's challenging and fun! A lot of things are fun but skydiving is a different kind of fun. Where else can you fly your body at 120 MPH? Standing in an open door of an airplane nearly three miles above the earth is a very exciting place to be! But even more exciting is stepping out into the open skies and experiencing true human flight!  Some people say they wan to scare themselves. For some people it's just so they can say they did it. Your videographer is flying with you to capture the jump. The DVD and still pictures will help you to explain to your family and friends what it's like to skydive.

Why Make A SkydiveA lot of people say skydiving is something they've always wanted to do. That's probably the best reason to skydive - living a life of no regrets. Someday when you're retired and sitting in a rocking chair recounting the events of your life you want to have done everything you wanted to. Many people have made lists of 100 things to do before you die. Nearly without exception, skydiving is on the list. Those who choose to skydive every weekend as a hobby have thousands of those memories! Consider taking up the sport and jumping on a regular basis. Once you finish your training you can make each jump for only $24!

Your first skydive is something you can put on your list of great accomplishments. Only 1% of the population makes a skydive. After you make your jump, you'll be one of the very special people who know why birds sing!