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Video Services

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Skydiving will most likely be one of the most exciting things you will ever do in your life. Recording it on a DVD is a great way to make the first jump last forever. Even if you go on to make thousands of skydives you will only have one FIRST jump.

Custom DVD/Video

You will be paired with on our our professional videographers.  The camera flyer will interview you before the jump and one the plane. They will film your jump and landing. The footage will be combine with music and given to you a short time later on DVD.

Still Protography

A picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is a picture worth when they are taken at 120 MPH. Our camera flyers will capture your jump in pictures.


"I almost opted not to get the video, but in retrospect, I'm so glad I did! I've watched it at least a dozen times since I went a couple of weeks ago. It helps you re-live the awesome experience over and over, and you can show your friends and family the play by play action. The guys at West Point Skydiving Adventures did a fantastic job. If you do the skydive, you've got to get the video - if you don't, you'll definitely regret it"

-S. Boyer