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WestPoint Skydiving Adventures: Professional Skydiving Instruction - The Safest Place To Skydive In Virginia*


- Freefall from 13,000 feet
- Fly more than 120 MPH
- Excitement of a lifetime!

Can my family and friends watch?

Yes! Bring your family and friends. There will be plenty for them to see. Before it's your turn to jump, they can watch the experienced skydivers preparing for their jump. Often their will be a group of jumps preparing for a formation skydive, called Relative Work. These jumpers will be planning aerial maneuvers that have them doing a series for formations as they fall through the air. After the jumpers board the plane, it won't be long before the sky will be dotted with these jumpers deploying their parachutes. Within a few minutes, the jumpers will be landing a short distance away. You may even see some of the more experienced parachute pilots performing an advanced high performance landing that powers the skydiver across the ground at up to 60 MPH!

After you are "geared-up" and ready to skydive, there will be a chance to snap some pre-jump pictures. Soon it will be time to board the plane for the approximately 20 minute flight. If you have good eyes or binoculars, you may be able to see the plane as it flies across the drop zone on "jump run". For people with really good sight and a little luck, you may be able to see the jumpers leave the plane! About a minute later, you'll begin to see the colorful parachute in the sky above. Look for the larger and higher chutes trailing a small pink droge parachute. These will be the tandem skydivers. If you can't find the tandem canopies, ask one of the experienced jumpers or one of the staff members.

Tandem LandingAfter your parachute ride you'll land in the same area as the experienced jumps. Your family and friends should have a good line of sight view to where you'll land. If you are having fun, let'em know as you fly overhead. After you are back on the ground, you'll have a chance for a quick picture with your biggest smile!