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View a Tandem Video by Clicking HERE


Tandem has become the most popular first jump method in recent years. The student is attached directly to the front of the instructor's harness. The pair then freefall attached together from 13,500-14,000 feet down to 5000 feet where the parachute is opened! Exiting from this altitude allows the student to have up to a 60 second freefall and have plenty of time to enjoy the skydive. Then they float to the ground under the same huge parachute. The student is an active participant helping to fly the parachute towards the landing area. This method requires the least amount of training, usually about 20 to 30 minutes. You can relax knowing you are attached to a United States Parachute Association certified instructor who will handle all the details. Yes, that's right, RELAX!

Tandem can also be used for initial training to transition to the AFF Program, many people have found that making a couple of tandem jumps is a great ice-breaker into the world of skydiving! You have the option of making 2 tandem jumps, taking the Accelerated Freefall first jump ground training and then starting AFF at Category B which is the second jump in the AFF Program.

Because this is such a monumental event we highly recommend that you get your jump captured on DVD or video with still photographs. From gearing up on the ground to the freefall and the landing you can relive the feeling of flying over and over. Even if you go on to make thousands of skydives you will only have one FIRST jump and it should be recorded! All of our regular video staff use the latest digital video equipment to give you the sharpest image possible, and music is added to the background. Most of our video staff have the ability to take 35mm still photos and some are using digital still cameras so you will receive a CD containing the digital still images or the roll of 35mm photos. Click HERE to learn more about the video.

You can take pride in knowing you have accomplished what less than 1% of the world has ever done! All you need to bring with you is a good pair of tennis shoes and comfortable clothes that are appropriate for the time of year. We DO jump all year long at West Point. You should plan to be at the airport for at least half a day when coming out for your tandem skydive. This is in case of scheduling or weather delays, etc.

You must be at least 18 years old and weigh 230 pounds or less in order to make a tandem skydive!


What about the weather?? We hear this question over and over. We have no control over the weather. We cannot predict the weather any better than the TV News or internet weather sites can. As much as we would like to have control over the weather it just isn't going to happen! We beg and plead to Mother Nature for great weather but the simple fact is that she is deaf and blind and could care less about skydiving! So our official statement about the weather is this: The weather at West Point is often very different from the weather at Richmond, VA Beach and Northern VA. If you think the weather may be bad on the day of your skydive you can call us at the airport and we will look up and tell you what we see! Wind is another limiting factor in skydiving. AFF students can jump in winds that are 14 MPH and below. Tandem students can get their jumps done in winds up to about 20 MPH as long as they are steady and not too gusty. But if you don't show up at the airport you will definitely not get to make your jump! Many times the weather changes during the day allowing for those who are there and waiting the chance to make their jumps. So sometimes it is a waiting game that requires patience!


A Word About Reservations: Reservations require a $50 deposit, which is applied to the fee for the tandem jump. Due to the fact that we schedule staff according to the number of students that are scheduled, this deposit is NON REFUNDABLE once you have made your appointment. We make a commitment to get your jump done as quickly and safely as possible and it is up to you to keep your appointment. Groups of 6 or more will lose their group discount if rescheduling is needed any sooner than 7 days before the original appointment. This is intended as an incentive to get you to keep your original appointment, since scheduling is so critical to our business. If the jump cannot be made due to weather or other problems beyond our control, we will reschedule you for the earliest possible date.


For more info on pricing or to make a reservation, click here.